What are the necessary and sufficient criteria of a sustainable, non-self-terminating, thriving, anti-fragile world that does obsolete the catastrophic and existential risks that are the cause of suffering, create higher qualities of life?

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Set yourself some cycling goals. The road to achieve them is beautiful and fills you with joy and motivation. Seeing yourself constantly growing and improving your fitness definitely adds up to your happiness level.

You wanna ride your first Gran Fondo but don’t know how you should prepare and what you should eat during the ride, here are some tips for you.

Noodle Salad is the shit!

My day usually starts like this:

Getting up in the…

4 Basic Questions you should consider when buying a bike

Gravel Bikes with some bags attached for longer touring.

1. Where do I wanna ride?

  • Road / Gravel / Trails

2. What purpose has my bike?

  • Commuting / Road racing / City Cruising / Bikepacking / From A-B as easy as possible

Cycling not only improves your physical fitness it also boosts your mental health and gives you different perspectives on life.

First ride to the lake Wallersee with my bike — shot on iphone.

  1. Einleitung

Chris Perkles

CEO @ Skyline Medien GmbH, Filmmaker, photographer, communication studies & cycling

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