5 awesome photo spots in the Salzburger Seenland

It was a cold & foggy monday morning, where I decided to head out to the Salzburger Seenland to shoot some nice pictures. I grabbed a coffee and drove around 20 mintues from Salzburg to the first location:


The Grabensee is a moor lake. It is the smallest of the three Trumer lakes (Mattsee, Obertrumer See, Grabensee). There is only a gentle tourist use here. Therefore, the lake is perfect for a quiet and relaxing times. The Grabensee is characterized — like its larger neighbours — by a very good water quality. The sunrise on this morning have been challenging to shoot, because the fog was very dense, so I used the drone for most of the shots.

Grabensee, shot on Dji Air 2S
Grabensee, shot on Leica Q2

A few minutes later, the fog was so dense I couldn’t shoot anything any more. So I headed back home to shoot in the afternoon.

Next location: Obertrumer See

Lake Obertrum is a beautiful bathing lake with excellent water quality, especially in the warm summer months and when the weather is nice. Bathing facilities and lidos are available in both Seeham and Obertrum.

Obertrumer See from above, shot on Dji Air 2S
Obertrumer See, shot from Obtertrum side

After taking photos of the lake, we drove to a small gem next to the lake which is called: Wildkar Wasserfall (Waterfall). It’s a 10-minute hike from the parking place and it’s so relaxing when you get there. This place is not very famous, so you won’t barely meet any people here.

Wildkar Waterfall, shot on Fujifilm X-T4

Next on the list was Mattsee. It’s a 10-minute drive from the Wildkar waterfall, and we parked next to the lido. Mattsee one of the three Trumer lakes, is one of the warmest bathing lakes in the whole of Salzburg with a size of 3.6 square kilometers and is characterized by particularly good water quality. You can walk a long the shore, and you are surrounded by nice picture opportunities.

Schloss Mattsee, shot on Leica Q2

Last but not least, we visited the Wallersee. This is a 15-minute drive from Mattsee. With its six square kilometers of water surface, the Wallersee is the largest lake in the Salzburger Seenland. We had the chance to witness a beautiful sunset at the Neumarkt side of the lake.

Wallersee, shot on X-T4

If you have any questions, drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram @chrisperkles.



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