5 reasons why the Fujifilm XF 16–55mm f2.8 is the perfect lens for you.

Image Quality

So as you know, I’m normally not a big fan of zoom lenses, cause you have a weaker light performance and mostly Image Quality isn’t as good as with primes.

Those were my thoughts till now and I’m quite surprised by this outstanding lens right here. The lens weighs about 670 grams, cause fuji put a lot of glass in there. Is that good? Hell yes, the Image Quality is outstanding, the lens is sharp, even at 2.8, you just shouldn’t shoot higher than f16 or f22. This lens is the sharpest at 16mm and gets a little bit weaker at 55mm.

With an aperture of 2.8, you’re a little bit limited to the booker, and isn’t quite the most beautiful, but it isn’t a portrait lens. Also, the Vignetting performance of this lens is excellent, the most Vignetting you’ll get at 16mm but barely noticeable.

Weather Resistant

As with a lot of other Fuji lenses, this lens is Weather Resistant, I probably mention that in almost every lens review, haha, but this is such an important feature. You just don’t have to worry about some little dust, or some slight rain or bad conditions, but always in combination with a Weather Resistant body.

AF Performance

The lens comes with a twin linear motor, which provides fast and quick autofocus! In combination with an x-trans 3 body, the lens snaps into focus instantly. Also, the lens is very quiet. I used this lens mostly for landscape and portrait kind of stuff and it worked with no problems, also tried some sports shots while skiing worked well too.

Comparison to other lenses

So if you compare it to the 16–55mm kit lens, the 2.8 version is noticeably sharper. Even if you compare it to the 16mm f1.4 stopped down to 2.8, the zoom lens is sharper. Damn. And also let’s take my favorite lens, the 56mm f1.2 — well it doesn’t outperform the 56mm at 2.8.


Well. wow. This one doesn’t shit around. Fuji didn’t compromise at all with this lens. The optical image quality is outstanding, even outperforms some of the primes. AF is precise and fast and the weather-resistant build quality saves the day. The downsides of this lens are clear that it’s pretty heavy and it doesn’t have OIS, also the price tag is quite heavy. I would recommend this lens to any wedding, photojournalistic and even to landscape shooters.



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Chris Perkles

Chris Perkles

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