Fujifilm X100V: Copenhagen — A photo story

Chris Perkles
4 min readMar 7, 2023


What a weekend. I just had the pleasure to explore Copenhagen in Denmark for a bit. I took lots of photos with my beloved Fujifilm X100V and the conversion lenses. In this little article, I will share some of my favorite shots & spots from this trip.

All the photos you’ll see, have been edited with my presets. If you’re interested, you can get them here: www.chrisperkles.at

We arrived at a Wednesday night in the capital of Denmark, and we stayed in the Huxley Hotel in the center of the city. The location of the hotel made it easy to get everywhere by foot.

We started the first beautiful sunny fresh march day at Nyhavn, since it was next to our Hotel. The good thing was that on a Thursday morning, it was not too busy, and we could find a good spot for breakfast close to the water and in the sun.


After having some good brunch, we walked towards Kastellet along the water shore. Spotting some nice architecture and beautiful views.

Skuespilhuset & Opera

Kastellet is something special. For me, as an old Stronghold gamer, this was very pleasant to see, how the castle was shaped and still used today.

After the castle, we walked back towards the center and checked out the Frederiks Kirke and Schloss Amalienborg. There we enjoyed a parade from the oldschool military.

Schloss Amalienborg, Frederiks Kirke

Next on our list was Schloss Rosenborg and the attached garden. Since it was March, the garden was not that pretty because nothing was blooming. But the small palace was impressive.

Schloss Rosenborg

Feeling: Hungry. So let’s get some food. In the area of Schloss Rosenborg, we found a place called Brdr. Price. Food was delicious, service was great and the location very pretty. 10/10 recommend.

Brdr. Price — Copenhagen

Back on energy, we headed towards the Botanical Garden, but we’ve been too late, it was already closed. So the replacement program was the Rundetarn, an observatory with a beautiful view over Copenhagen.

That was the closing of our first day here. We spent a nice evening having some dinner and relaxing.

New day, new luck. We started the day with a quick breakfast and then heading towards the botanical garden again. This time we were on time.

Botanical Garden — Copenhagen

In the evening we walked through the city, checked out some stores and just had a good time.


After all, this was a very beautiful trip, with some great food and beautiful weather. I can recommend copenhagen to everyone, but consider, that town is expensive as hell. The food compared to Austria is at least 50% — 100% more expensive. If you have any questions, send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment here.



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