Wasting time

I for myself know how important time is, but even though I waste so much of it. Paradox. I consider myself a mentally and physically healthy person, but I have some bad habits which just let me waste to much time. As an example, I spend to many hours on social media. Scrolling through useless feeds of pictures and information, which adds literally nothing to my life. Reels are a feature from hell, the algorithim is so good it always catches my attention and shows me some funny video or some other content which appeals to my brain. Also IG added a new feature where they show you content in the feed from other creators which is based on my watching habits and it always suprises me how accurate the algorithim is. Truly frigthening. These tools get more intriguing by the day.

Another weak point is twitter. It’s just so awesome to get news in almost real-time from business to tech. But I just open the damn app way too often. All I need would be a summary of the most important tweets of the day maybe at the end of the evening, which you can read within 5 minutes.

I’ve already come a long way. Years ago I spent hours per day and now I got it down to maybe an hour a day on using social, but that’s still to much. Instead of keeping myself in the comfort zone I need to foster healthier habits — so thats why I wanna write more. Writing is a complex task which involves a lot of brain muscle and is one of the best ways to express yourself. So let’s not waste time, better train my poor writing and create new habits. Stay tuned for more random posts on this medium page.

Side note: As I’m writing this the whole Facebook Inc. is down, incl. Instagram and Whatsapp and it feels so freaking good. If this company would vanish over night, things would get better for so many people. Maybe the Zuck rage quit his company over all the hate and spam he got the last weeks (whistleblower, etc.). Fingers crossed.

CVO @ Skyline Medien GmbH, Filmmaker, photographer, communication studies & cycling // www.chrisperkles.at

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Chris Perkles

Chris Perkles

CVO @ Skyline Medien GmbH, Filmmaker, photographer, communication studies & cycling // www.chrisperkles.at

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