We’ve built our first creator studio!

Chris Perkles
4 min readApr 9, 2023

Woaaah. I’m still so pumped! Last Friday on the 7. of April 2023, we opened the doors to our new creator studio in Salzburg. We had a big open house event with around 50–60 people from our area, ranging from friends, family, clients and other creators. It was so good to see, how our idea came to life and to celebrate it with the people we love.

But let’s take a step back. Why did we open up a studio in the first place?

The idea was, to create a place, where content creators could produce photos, videos, and podcasts in an environment which adds to your creativity. Most of the studios we have, in our area, are more practical and functional, but not really a place where you want to spend a lot of time of. You only have the studio backdrop and some lights, and that’s mostly it. So our place needed to be functional, practical, but also comfy and beautiful. It should have a relax corner, where you can enjoy, read a book or talk to clients. A meeting area is also necessary for presentations or workshops, and last but not least, the studio area. The minimal requirements we had for the space:

Ground Floor for easy access, >100m2, walls at least 3 m high for equipment, good isolation, kitchen, bathroom, parking and all that in a determined area in Salzburg (to avoid crazy traffic)

If someone of you're reading this and knows Salzburg, you probably know, how hard it is here to find a specific place like this. Our search took over a year, since we found the right spot for us in the beginning of March. Here are some photos from the beginning when started moving in:

Studio in the beginning.

From there on, we tried to develop the studio further and add more elements. Since we’re not good with interior design, we knew we needed some additional help to put it on another level. This is why we got help by StudioJFK with the interior design. Julia from StudioJFK added new tables, 3d printed vases, dry flowers, mirrors, blankets, pillows, and much more details. All the decoration elements can be moved, which is awesome for shootings if you require different settings. We also like art a lot, so that’s why we decided to hang some canvases by the talented Pia Platzbecker in our new studio. For us, fun and a good mood is necessary for working, that’s why we also added a Playstation 5 for some occasional gaming. Here are some photos of what we’ve come up:

Creator Studio Salzburg
Details Creator Studio Salzburg

On the photos you can only see the space of the studio which can be rented, in the back we have a separated room with our office, the kitchen, and the bathroom. But this is the current version of our creator studio, and we’re very proud of it.

Also in an upcoming age of A.I. it was very important for me, to have a place, where people can come together, share ideas, have fun, make music, create or just drink a beer. I hope this place will make an impact in the local community and brings people together.

If you’re reading this and are in Salzburg, come and say hi!



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