Why cycling goals make sense

Last year I fell in love with cycling and being outdoors in the great nature, so for this year I wanted to expand this a little further and now I wanna go for longer bikepacking trips and also do some events.

One of my goals is to accomplish the Carso Trail in Italy / Slovenia in a timespan within 3 days. The trail is 350km / 6500hm long and starts in the midst of June. But the problem is, I have no idea what I’m doing and neither does my friend who is coming with me. But you have to start somewhere I guess?

Bombtrack Hook EXT with some accessories

Our plan basically is to train as much as possible, especially doing longer 100+ rides on the weekend and some short rides during the week between work and studying. We’re also currently planning our bikepacking setups and I’m still waiting on some bags to arrive (damn you logisitics). I can’t wait to depart to our first trip somewhere into the nature, where we setup our bivy have some nice chats and sleep under the stars. Romantacizing at it’s finest. But yeah, I really enjoyed riding as much as possible, but somehow now you have another reason to enjoy it even more, when you look forward to something. Idk if it’s just me or if anyone else feels the same?

From my business, I know that setting goals is absolutely important, not only short term goals also life-long goals. Because as soon as you hit your goal, you feel accomplished but you can also fall into a slight depression. Why you ask? Here’s an example: You dedicated a whole year or even a life for a particular goal, you trained hard for years, put a lot of pain in it, you recoverd from injuries. You did the best you can. The day arrives and you achieve it, you’ve won your gold medal at the Olympics. The first moment you feel awesome, finally the big moment happend. But after a few days you’ll start to realize, what am I going to do now? The whole purpose of your life so far was to win this medal and now you achieved it. That’s the point where you fall into a deep black hole. If you don’t want to get in this dilemma set some life-long goals with some short-term goals in between.

Back to cycling, another goal for this year is to reach 100k in climbing. I basically did this, to improve my climbing skills so that I enjoy it more when there are some mountains in the way.

What are your goals?

If you have any questions leave a comment below or hit me up on the gram.




CVO @ Skyline Medien GmbH, Filmmaker, photographer, communication studies & cycling // www.chrisperkles.at

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Chris Perkles

Chris Perkles

CVO @ Skyline Medien GmbH, Filmmaker, photographer, communication studies & cycling // www.chrisperkles.at

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